Black-Beret Airsoft

Airsoft as a lifestyle


First of all, welcome to my blog. What is all this about then? I am an airsofter and have been one for about 18 years.  I took some longer breaks somewhere during that time though, and seriously got back into it around 2006 or 2007.

Currently, I have a real soft spot for old school stuff and everything related to it. For me, old school is late 1960s to around mid-1990s. MOLLE is nice and all, but nothing beats good old ALICE gear, which has taken a real special place in my heart these past years.

I am not a reenactor per-se, although some of my kit setups would pass that line as well. I always do my research though, by investigating images and gathering information about the kit that was really used during that time, by particular units, and use that information to build my own personal kit. I modify equipment to suit my needs, and more often than not, these same mods have been done by the guys who actually have done something else than carry BB guns around in the forest.

I do take this hobby seriously and doing it right matters to me. I use the gear that I have and it is not just for show. Some rare items that are harder to find, however, might never get used since they hold collectible value. During these times, I prefer to use good quality reproductions if at all possible.

So, without further ado, please do browse around the site and leave me a comment. I have other social media accounts which you can access by clicking the respective icons at the top right corner. Check them out at your leisure and drop a follow or a comment; or both! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy your stay here enough to come back!